LL Executive Director Sought

The Lancaster/Lebanon Athletic League is seeking applicants for a new Executive Director for the league beginning July 1, 2019.  The Executive Director is responsible for the athletic operations of the 26 schools and 2 associate schools in the Lancaster/Lebanon league.  Responsibilities include the general day to day operations and administration of activities of the league, efficient business operations and planning.  The Executive Director will advise and make recommendations to the athletic directors, as well as the Board of Control, concerning activities associated with the Lancaster/Lebanon league.

Qualifications would include past administrative experience, athletic experience, knowledge of the Lancaster/Lebanon league, District III and PIAA.  Strong clerical skills, computer literacy, personal skills, marketing and business background are recommended for this position.  This position has a great deal of flexibility, however, it does constitute attending league playoffs and championship events.  Salary will be based on experience and qualifications.

Please feel free to contact Arlen Mummau, Principal at Pequea Valley School District & Lancaster/Lebanon Board of Control President for additional information at 717-768-5500.  You can also contact the current Executive Director, Richard Balderston for more information.  717-367-1990

Applicants may submit a resume and application to Amanda Howe at Pequea Valley School District.  Amanda_howe@pequeavalley.org  Pequea Valley High School PO BOX 287 Kinzers, PA  17535