Softball Playoff Scenarios

In just over a week the LL League Softball tournament will get underway, and pairings are starting to come in to shape.  If you love ‘magic number’ math and determining playoff tiebreakers, this post is for you.

Section 1: Hempfield and Penn Manor are in the tournament. They play each other or Monday. If Penn Manor (14-1) wins, they are champs, and Hempfield is runner-up. If Hempfield wins, they will be tied and a tie-breaker will be played. Date/Time/Location TBD.

Section 2: Solanco holds a 2-game lead over Conestoga Valley and Garden Spot. Solanco will be champs if they defeat either Ephrata or Conestoga Valley. Conestoga Valley and Garden Spot are scheduled to play each other yet. Championship and second place tiebreaker criteria will be addressed as needed.

Section 3: Donegal & Lampeter-Strasburg are in the tournament. If they both win their remaining games, they will face each other next Wednesday night at Warwick at 7 p.m. to determine the section champion

Section 4: This one is easy!  Pequea Valley has won the section title. Annville-Cleona has clinched the second spot.

Playoff Arrangement (exact schedule and order of games to be announced)

Section 2 Champ vs Section 3 Runner-up
Section 4 Champ vs Section 1 Runner-up
(winners of the above games face each other in semi-finals)

Section 3 Champ vs Section 2 Runner-up
Section 1 Champ vs Section 4 Runner-up
(winners of the above games face each other in semi-finals)

Softball Tie-breaker Criteria for 2nd Place Ties (first place ties are decided by a one game playoff):

  1. Head-to-head
  2. Winning Percentage within section (not counting cross-overs)
  3. Record vs Section Champ
  4. District 3 Power Ranking