Boys Basketball History

Year Section 1 Champion Section 2 Champion Section 3 Champion
1973 McCaskey* Cocalico Section 3 was introduced
for the 1974-75 season
1974 McCaskey Cocalico*
1975 Ephrata* McCaskey Garden Spot
1976 Ephrata Cedar Crest* Donegal
1977 Cocalico* Hempfield Elizabethtown
1978 Cocalico Lebanon* Garden Spot
1979 Cocalico Lebanon* Garden Spot
1980 Manheim Central McCaskey* Garden Spot
1981 Lebanon Warwick* ELCO
1982 McCaskey* Warwick ELCO
1983 McCaskey* Cocalico Donegal
1984† McCaskey Warwick Lebanon Catholic
1985 Lebanon* Warwick ELCO
1986 Lebanon* Warwick ELCO
1987 Manheim Township Warwick* Northern Lebanon
1988 Manheim Township Warwick* Annville-Cleona
1989 McCaskey Columbia* Northern Lebanon
1990 Warwick Columbia* Northern Lebanon
1991 Warwick Conestoga Valley* Lancaster Mennonite
1992† Conestoga Valley Ephrata ELCO
1993† Lebanon Ephrata Lampeter-Strasburg
1994 Conestoga Valley Solanco* Annville-Cleona
1995 Hempfield* Lebanon Annville-Cleona
1996 McCaskey Lebanon* Annville-Cleona
1997 Hempfield Lebanon* ELCO
1998 Manheim Township Lebanon* Annville-Cleona
1999 Hempfield* Garden Spot Annville-Cleona
2000† McCaskey Garden Spot Annville-Cleona
2001 McCaskey* Garden Spot Lancaster Catholic
2002 McCaskey* Lampeter-Strasburg Lancaster Catholic
2003 McCaskey Lancaster Mennonite Lancaster Catholic*
2004† Hempfield Conestoga Valley Lancaster Catholic
Year Section 1 Champion Section 2 Champion Section 3 Champion Section 4 Champion
2005† Manheim Township Ephrata Cocalico Lancaster Catholic
2006 McCaskey* Solanco Cocalico Lancaster Catholic
2007 McCaskey* Solanco Lebanon Lancaster Catholic
2008 McCaskey* Conestoga Valley Lebanon Columbia
2009† Hempfield Elizabethtown Cocalico Lancaster Catholic
2010 Hempfield* Solanco Cocalico Lancaster Catholic
2011† McCaskey Cocalico Lampeter-Strasburg Lancaster Catholic
2012† Manheim Township Elizabethtown Lampeter-Strasburg Lancaster Catholic
2013 McCaskey* Elizabethtown Donegal Lancaster Catholic
2014 Cedar Crest* Lebanon Manheim Central Lancaster Mennonite
2015 Cedar Crest* Conestoga Valley Manheim Central Lancaster Mennonite
2016 McCaskey* Lebanon Lampter-Strasburg Lancaster Catholic

*Denotes League Champion
†Hempfield won the League Championship in 1984 and 1992, McCaskey in 1993, Hempfield in 2000, Lebanon in 2004, McCaskey in 2005, Conestoga Valley in 2009, Hempfield in 2011, McCaskey in 2012

Special thanks to who in turn gives credit to Dick Myers of PA Scholastic Sports and Jerry Shenk of Middle Atlantic Sporting news for help in compiling this information.  Check out the link for a complete score archive of every game ever played in the LL League Boys Basketball Playoffs.