Girls Lacrosse History

League ChampionSection 1 ChampionSection 2 Champion
2024Manheim TownshipManheim TownshipLampeter-Strasburg
2023Manheim TownshipManheim TownshipLampeter-Strasburg
2022Manheim TownshipHempfield
2021Manheim TownshipManheim Township
2020Season Canceled
2019Manheim TownshipManheim Township
2018Manheim TownshipManheim Township
2017Manheim TownshipManheim Township
2016Manheim TownshipManheim Township
2015Manheim TownshipManheim Township
2014Manheim TownshipManheim TownshipLancaster Country Day/Lancaster Catholic
2013Manheim TownshipManheim TownshipLancaster Country Day/Lancaster Catholic
2012Manheim TownshipManheim TownshipCocalico
2011Manheim TownshipManheim TownshipCocalico
2010Manheim TownshipManheim TownshipCocalico
2009Penn ManorPenn ManorCocalico
2008Penn ManorPenn ManorWarwick
2007Manheim TownshipPenn ManorCocalico
2006CocalicoLancaster Country Day/McCaskeyCocalico
2005Penn ManorPenn ManorCocalico

In years in which no Section 2 Champion is listed the LL competed in just one section. The Section 1 Champion was the regular season champion and top seed in the LL League tournament in those years.