Swimming History-Team

Year Section 1 Boys Champion Section 2 Boys Champion Section 1 Girls Champion Section 2 Girls Champion
2022 Manheim Township* Ephrata Warwick* Ephrata
2021 Manheim Township* Ephrata Manheim Township* Ephrata
2020 Manheim Township* Ephrata Manheim Township* Lampeter-Strasburg
2019† Manheim Township* Conestoga Valley Manheim Township Ephrata
2018† Manheim Township* Cocalico Manheim Township Ephrata
2017 Hempfield* Cocalico Warwick* Ephrata
2016 Hempfield* Conestoga Valley Manheim Township* Cocalico
2015 Hempfield* Cocalico Manheim Township* Cocalico
2014 Hempfield*
Conestoga Valley
Lancaster Catholic Manheim Township* Cocalico
2013 Hempfield
Manheim Township*
Lancaster Catholic Manheim Township* Cocalico
2012 Manheim Township* Lancaster Catholic Manheim Township* Cocalico
2011** Manheim Township Lancaster Catholic Manheim Township Ephrata
Year Boys Regular Season Champion Girls Regular Season Champion
2010† Cedar Crest* Hempfield
2009† Manheim Township Manheim Township
2008 Manheim Township* Hempfield*
2007† Hempfield*
Cedar Crest
Cedar Crest
2006 Hempfield* Cedar Crest*
2005† Cedar Crest Hempfield*
2004† Manheim Township Manheim Township*
2003† Cedar Crest*
Manheim Township
2002 Manheim Township* Manheim Township*
2001 Hempfield*
Manheim Township
Cedar Crest*

*Denotes All League Meet Team Champion
†All League Meet Girls Champion in 2003 was Manheim Township, Boys Champion in 2004 was Cedar Crest, Boys Champion in 2005 was Hempfield, Girls Champion in 2007 was Hempfield, 2009 Boys Champion was Hempfield, 2009 Girls Champion was Hempfield, 2010 Girls Champion was Manheim Township, 2018 and 2019 Girls Champion was Warwick
**In 2011 Hempfield and Manheim Township tied for both the Girls and Boys All League Meet Team Championships

Special thanks to Mr. Andrew Amway in helping to compile this information.