Warwick Wins Spring and 14-15 Sportsmanship Awards

Congratulations to the Warriors of Warwick on being awarded the 2015 Spring Season Sportsmanship Award, and the 2014-2015 Academic Year Sportsmanship Award.  These awards are voted on by the Lancaster Lebanon League’s Athletic Directors.

Contacted via e-mail, Warwick Athletic Director Mr. Ryan Landis shared these thoughts:

“We were excited to win the award. Make no mistake, Warwick is far from perfect in terms of sportsmanship, like the other schools in the LL, we try our best to promote it…  I think we try to recognize positive examples and learn from other situations.”

When asked how sportsmanship is encouraged at Warwick, Mr. Landis cited coach evaluation procedures and team service projects:

“There are several initiatives that we have taken at Warwick in an attempt to promote sportsmanship. Head coaches’ behavior and demeanor plays a significant part of their evaluations. In addition, every team is required to participate in some sort of community service or charity. For example, our girls’ tennis team cleaned the campus of trash, our girls’ basketball team gave manicures to ladies at a local nursing home, swimming donates to a food bank, football and boys’ lacrosse provides holiday meals and gifts for families in need, the track team helps with Special Olympics, and the field hockey team cleans the park following the 4th of July. I’d like to think these types of acts help keep our kids grounded.”