Softball Playoffs

If you love the minutiae of sports rules, this post is for you.

The top 2 teams from each section will play in Saturday’s Softball quarterfinals.

Here is the breakdown for each section:

  • Section 1 – Penn Manor has won the section; Hempfield has secured 2nd place.
  • Section 2 – Solanco is 12-3 & Etown is 11-3. Solanco and Etown play Wednesday (weather permitting, naturally). If Solanco wins, they are section champs and Etown is second. If Etown beats both Solanco and Ephrata (scheduled Thursday), they are the champs, and Solanco is 2nd. If Etown beats Solanco and loses to Ephrata, there is a tie for first place. In that event, the tiebreaker game would be scheduled for 4:15 at a neutral site on Friday… unless, Wednesday’s Etown/Solanco regular season game is postponed and rescheduled for Friday. If that occurs, more details will follow later.
  • Section 3 – LS is the champion; Donegal is 13-3 and completed their schedule, & MC is 13-2 and plays LS Wednesday. If MC beats LS, MC becomes the 2nd place team and qualifies for leagues. If LS beats MC, MC and Donegal will both be 13-3 in league play, and we need to go to the 2nd-place tie-breaker criteria which is as follows…
    • A – ) Head-to-head – MC and Donegal split
    • B – ) Section record – An LS win over MC would put both teams at 7-3 in section play.
    • C – ) Vs Section Champ – An LS win Wednesday would make both MC and Donegal 0-2 vs LS.
    • D – ) Power Rankings – Donegal is at 0.698 right now; MC is at 0.673. If MC loses forcing the tie, their power ranking will not improve; therefore, based on tie-breaker criteria D, Donegal will be the second place team from section 3 if LS beats MC Wednesday.
  • Section 4 – AC is 10-4 and PV is 11-4. Annville plays Wednesday and Thursday; PV plays Wednesday. If both teams win the rest of the games or both lose one game, there will be a tie. In the event of a tie, a tie-breaker will be held on Friday at 4:15 at Warwick. If the weather forces regular season games to be pushed back to Friday, more details will follow later.

 Once the dust of the regular season settles, the playoffs look like this:

All Games will be at Garrett Park

Saturday, May 14:
GAME 1        9:00 am – Sec. 4 Champ (AC or PV) vs. Sec. 2 Runner-up (Etown or Sol)
GAME 2        11:15 am – Sec. 2 Champ (Etown or Sol) vs. Sec 4 Runner-up (AC or PV)
GAME 3        1:30 p.m. – Sec. 3 Champ (LS) vs. Sec. 1 Runner-up (Hempfield)
GAME 4        3:45 p.m. – Sec. 1 Champ (Penn Manor) vs. Sec. 3 Runner-up (Don or MC)

Monday, May 16:
Semi-finals –
5:30 p.m. – Winners from GAME 1 versus GAME 4
7:30 p.m. – Winners from GAME 2 versus GAME 3

Wednesday, May 18:
Finals –          7:00 p.m. – Semi-final winners